ValeTech Premium

$6.69 / month
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Exclusive deals

Customized discount code for you

Bonus 10 Entries to our Give-Aways

Automatic Entry to Monthly Premium Give-Away


Receive a premium membership to everything Vale has to offer!

Bonus 10 Entries to every Vale Give-Away

Automatically entered in Vale’s Monthly Premium Give-Away

Additional 10% discount code usable on any items in the store

Receive monthly exclusive sales and content

Exclusive Stream & Content access

VIP Role in Vale’s Discord

VIP Role in Twitch Stream

First in line to join stream for team play

New subscribers also receive a shoutout in our Vale Stream

Subscribers will be posted at the beginning and end of each Stream




1 review for ValeTech Premium

  1. scortcho

    Hundreds of testimonials on their discord. Love these giveaways!

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